There’s exciting news for The Foundry Theatre and Melanie Joseph, the Producing Director:  The current Sunday New York Times Arts and Leisure Section, January 17, 2010, has an interview article about Melanie Joseph, with photos of this intensely creative woman, and also of David Greenspan: The Foundry’s current production is David Greenspan’s The Myopia, reviewed right here.

Last Sunday, Charles Isherwood in The New York Times January 12, wrote an excellent review of Greenspan’s The Myopia;  there are links to several other excellent reviews of the play, including mine, on The Foundry Theatre’s web site.

It is wonderful — and frankly a great relief (not to confuse medium size things with the most vast, but sort of like when Obama was elected!) — when an off-Broadway theatre that has struggled against huge obstacles to produce the plays it believes in, and to maintain its artistic vision, receives significant public recognition.

If you’d like to know more:

The link to the New York Times print article is

Toward the end of the print interview, there’s a link also to an online “slide show” of works by The Foundry Theatre:

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