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Review | Steinbrenner! by Ira Berkow and Bill Madden | Starring Richard Kind | Guild Hall, Southampton, Long Island

… Lucky to be George Steinbrenner …

This was a tremendously enjoyable evening: with his vitality, charisma, and theatrical intelligence, along with his comic timing, acting depth, and all-round performer’s talent, Richard Kind, supported by a fine cast, took us in hand through Berkow and Madden’s take on how George Steinbrenner owned and ran the NY Yankees. 

Review | All My Sons by Arthur Miller | Starring Alec Baldwin and Laurie Metcalf | Directed by Stephen Hamilton | Guild Hall, Southampton, Long Island

I love it when, looking over the set before the play begins one sees onstage a house with wood shingles, small town or rural, with a porch and a yard and the suggestion of a lived in interior.

Picnic, The Fifth of July, August: Osage County, All My Sons are some of them.  It raises a pleasant nostalgia and eases loneliness – one’s going to meet the family!  One does, and with it the dramatic tensions and hidden truths behind the appealing setting.

Review | Equus by Peter Shaffer | Directed by Tony Walton | With Alec Baldwin and Sam Underwood | Guild Hall, Easthampton

… “interspecies love” …

A psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, has thrust on him a singularly disturbed young patient, Alan Strang.  The teen-ager has committed the shocking act of blinding six horses.  A magistrate compassionately seeks to spare Alan from the criminal justice system by handing him over the her friend, Martin, expecting him to help the young man resolve whatever is his problem … become happier … or less anguished … something in that direction. 

Review | The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams | Directed by Harris Yulin | Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY

Master of Seduction

No one writes seduction as well as Tennessee Williams.  In his Ten Blocks on the Camino Real, earlier this season, sex is morally and physically deadly for Kilroy — i.e., he has every reason to resist.  And it does take the Gypsy’s daughter awhile — a delicious, suspenseful while — but he succumbs.  In Vieux Carre, another game played out on a small bed, an unattractive man, elderly and sickly, uses skill, experience and patience in a breathtaking seduction of a beautiful young man.  You might think you wouldn’t want to see that — but you do.

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