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Book Note | The Help | A Novel by Kathryn Stockett

A White woman in the deep South when Jim Crow is rampant interviews Black maids in order to compile a book that will bring the maids’ stories to the attention of the larger world.  This sounds like a noble goal.

BUT, in this novel, in spite of its purported high minded purpose, the White woman is self-centered, dishonest, and risks nothing she cares about while the Black women she pulls into her project risk everything.

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Book Note | Indignation: Philip Roth’s conceit

A new book | Philip Roth’s Indignation

This is a tired book. It casts only a dim and distorted light on the 50’s, a corny view, really, and isn’t worth reading for that. This isn’t “history” as some are saying — it’s Roth setting history up as a straw man, easy to knock over. Old age and death have been his recent preoccupations and it’s as if he said to himself his readers might tire of decaying old men so he wrote about a young one, but that’s just a mask and — speaking of decay — the college boy protagonist is dead, too. Literally. A weak conceit.

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