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Vijay Iyer, creator of Relation: A Performance Residency, at the Met Breuer March 18 - 31, 2016

The New Met Breuer | Overview II : Nasreen Mohamedi | Vijay Iyer’s “Relation”

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Nasreen Mohamedi … and existentialism

With Unfinished:  Thoughts Left Visible on the third and fourth floors of the Met Breuer (previous post, Overview I), the inaugural exhibit on the second floor surveys in over 130 works the career of “Nasreen Mohamedi, an Indian artist, born in Karachi (British India, now Pakistan), who worked in a small format in tones of black, white, grays and taupe, most often using ink and graphite on paper, as well as black and white photography.

In the exhibition "Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible", Metropolitan Museum of Art, inaugural exhibition at the new MET BREUER, March 2016

The New Met Breuer | Overview I: The Building and the Inaugural Exhibition “Unfinished”

The opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new space is a wonderful event. The Met has done this just right!

THE BUILDINGMarcel Breuer's iconic building is the former home of the Whitney Museum and the future home of an extension of the Met. Credit: Wikipedia

OVERVIEW I  looks at the building by Marcel Breuer, and the inaugural exhibition, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible. 

The great modernist building designed by Marcel Breuer used to house the Whitney Museum of American Art but the Whitney left the Breuer building, on Madison Avenue and 75th Street, and moved to a new building downtown.  Now the Metropolitan Museum of Art has taken over the Breuer building to create its own new museum space for modern and contemporary art — and as far as I can see, they’ve done everything with great intelligence and dedication – and created a great contribution to cultural life.

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