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Tag: Tony Walton

Review | Equus by Peter Shaffer | Directed by Tony Walton | With Alec Baldwin and Sam Underwood | Guild Hall, Easthampton

… “interspecies love” …

A psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, has thrust on him a singularly disturbed young patient, Alan Strang.  The teen-ager has committed the shocking act of blinding six horses.  A magistrate compassionately seeks to spare Alan from the criminal justice system by handing him over the her friend, Martin, expecting him to help the young man resolve whatever is his problem … become happier … or less anguished … something in that direction. 

Review | Candida by George Bernard Shaw | Directed and Designed by Tony Walton | Irish Repertory Theatre

I love Shaw and the Irish Repertory Theatre does plays wonderfully so I was keenly looking forward to Candida. It turned out to be very dull.  Why?  The play or the production?

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