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Steven Rattazzi, Hubert Point-Du Jour, John Kurzynowski, Maria-Christina Oliveras (below) and McKenna Kerrigan in The Really Big Once.   Photo:  Sue Kessler

Review | The Really Big Once, a Company Created Play About the Original Production of Tennessee Williams’ Camino Real | Directed by David Herskovitz, Artistic Director of Target Margin Theater

… about a play …

This is a play about a play and requires some explanation.

In January 2009 Target Margin produced Ten Blocks on Camino Real, a powerful theater experience based on Tennessee Williams’ Camino Real, but as reworked by David Herskovitz, who focused on one of the several stories in Williams’ beautiful but sprawling play.  The 2009 production was a remarkable and audacious job of editing a great writer without altering his vision.

Review | Ten Blocks On The Camino Real by Tennessee Williams | Directed by David Herskovitz | Target Margin Theater

The original Camino Real, first produced on Broadway under Elia Kazan’s direction in 1953, took up the stories of several individuals grouped around Camino Real, pronounced real as in reallyreal in Target Margin’s brilliant production.  Following an early version of the play, David Herskovitz chooses to focus on one:  Kilroy, a former light-weight boxing champion, now an itinerant American who lands in the plaza of a patently violent Mexican town at fiesta time.  His pesos are stolen fast, nor do we have much hope that he’ll hang on to the mementos of the past before he was a has-been, a champion’s belt around his waist and the golden gloves looped over his shoulders.

Ballet Review | Coppélia | New York City Ballet | Lincoln Center | Spring 2009

The great classical ballets are founded on great stories.  Coppélia is true to form, and enriched with comedy, and some of the most heart lifting music ever written for ballet by Leo Delibes — the “oh here’s where that comes from” kind of music!

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