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Review | Crane Story by Jen Silverman | Directed by Katherine Kovner | The Playwright’s Realm at The Cherry Lane Theatre

… liminality …

Crane Story takes up an interesting topic: mixed states of being.  Characters are Japanese and American, can seem both male and female, and move between the world of the living and the dead.  As Theo, the American guitarist exasperatedly exclaims to his beloved, I don’t know if you’re alive or dead, or a man or a woman.

Ben Hollandsworth as Ryan and Reyna De Courcy as Elsie in Dreams of the Washer King.  Photo:  Eric Pearson

Review | Dreams of the Washer King by Christopher Wall | Directed by Giovanna Sardelli | The Playwrights Realm | Cherry Lane Studio Theatre

I can’t imagine a finer production for a developing young playwright than that given Dreams of the Washer King by The Playwrights Realm.  It’s in a small theater and the production’s not hugely expensive or high tech but the set is brilliantly evocative, the directing brings out all the play’s dramatic values and the acting — well, the acting is of the highest order, it simply couldn’t be better.

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