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Art Review | “Roof Garden Installation” by Pierre Huyghe | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Summer 2015

… only there’s no “garden”…

Paving stones are uprooted and water is tricking in and around — is the maintenance crew working on a leak?  No. This is the new art installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum.

Huyghe roof garden installation, schist boulder

Huyghe’ roof garden installation, schist boulder

The site is magnificent, nestled in Central Park and among magnificent New York skyline views, but this installation, which has no title, is dull.

In the midst of it all, there’s a large, unworked boulder of Manhattan schist, the stone that forms the familiar outcroppings in Central Park, and supports Manhattan’s skyscrapers.   Some stone dust scattered around the boulder is said to have shaken off during the stone’s transport to the museum, and the artist chose to leave where it settles.

Art Review | Cloud City by Tomas Saraceno — on the Roof … and above it – | Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Garden, through November 12, 2012 (weather permitting)

Tomas Saraceno | Cloud City

Tomas Saraceno | Cloud City | Roof of the Metropolitan Museum Summer 2012

Cloud City is a shimmering, spacious delight that plays with space and gravity and takes you to a new place.  What an adventure!

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