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Watch  out for that that telescope! ...  Allison Buck as Amanda, Seth Moore as Worthy. Photo Aaron Zebrock

Review | Restoration Comedy by Amy Freed | Directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar | Featuring The Bats | Flea Theater

Winter doldrums? … Let Restoration Comedy completely restore you!

Magic unfolds in the relatively small performing space of the Flea Theater flanked by a few rows of audience seats.  That central space comes alive with color, wit, music, dance, energy.  In fact the energy spills from the stage throughout the theater — at the entrance actors costumed in the flounce and style of the 17th Century greet you with drinks and mill everywhere to talk with you, get to know you in the way of director Iskandar’s immersive theater — seen last season in the Flea’s masterful production of These Seven Sicknesses

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Review | You, Nero by Amy Freed | Directed by Sharon Ott | Berkeley Repertory Theatre, CA

You, Nero is an at times hilarious comedy, so wacky and so focused on the decadent emperor that it’s easy to miss it’s aimed at serious matters.  The setting is Rome, 64 AD.  Scribonius, a “serious playwright” (much humor derived from contemporary hip lingo applied to the past) is conscripted by Nero to write a play to shine up the wicked emperor’s image.  Ah, but Scribonius is an idealist, imbued with the view — harking back to the Greeks — that theater should educate and uplift.

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