“DO NOT MISS “MAO’S LAST DANCER”  FANTASTIC!   At the  Paris.   Oh, boy, oh boy!

and P.S.  Very few people there last night–it needs some good publicity!”
                                                                        Irma B. Jaffe  08/28/10

Here’s a comment on this post that came in — you can read it in the comment section (scroll down) but am including it here since it gives more information about the film:

I saw it! You can’t believe how a film about a male ballet dancer can grip you! The background is the Chinese Communist Revoution and what a view you get about the repression in China during those years under Mao! I hope the dancer that played the role of the fabulous Li Cunxin will be taken up by the American Baller theater! I would love to see him dance on the stage!  I  really hope the ABT will get that dancer Chi Cao to dance with them in NY.

n.b. The Paris, located in NYC in midtown Manhattan at 58th Street near Fifth Avenue (4 W. 58th St) is the longest continually operating art film theater in the United States.  Some of the great all-time films have opened there.  They play one film at a time — kind of a relief!

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