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Film Note | To Rome With Love | Written and Directed by Woody Allen

… keep laughing, Clown …

With breathtakingly beautiful photography — and the people are as fascinating to see as the city — Woody Allen weaves together stories of lovers, Romans and visitors against the background of Rome.  As Allen, who acts in the film, tells us — along with a few other things he wants us to know — it’s colored with a sweet nostalgia.

Film Note | Midnight in Paris | Written and Directed by Woody Allen | Starring Owen Wilson

… It was the best of times …

Midnight in Paris is as much a pleasure to watch as Woody Allen’s best films even though it’s not as good — the fantasy is so powerful.  This time travel film takes us, and its main character, Gil (Owen Wilson), a successful screen writer, back to the Paris of the 1920’s where we meet the artists and literati who made the city the brilliant center that we all go to Paris looking for — even those too young or unworldly to realize it. 

Film Note | You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger | Written and Directed by Woody Allen

… another wonderful Woody Allen movie …

What is it about the camera angles, the light and the naturalness of the actors that immediately let you know you’re at a Woody Allen film and you’re in good hands?

We’re in London, and in the midst of troubled relationships in two parallel couples, one old, one young.  Pairs and parallels count a lot in this movie.

Film Note | Whatever Works | Written and Directed by Woody Allen

(… but he doesn’t act in it …)

Whatever Works is about a brilliant man with a totally morbid view of people and existence — a real Woody Allen stand-in.  Most of us manage to block out this fundamentally realistic view of existence most of the time, but Boris Yelnikov sees it and feels it every moment — no wonder he’s given to panic attacks.

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