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Review | Waste of Time after Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past | Adapted by Robert David Macdonald | Classic Stage Company

… what a Waste of Time …

Over the epic course of generational time that marks Remembrance of Things Past, Proust charts subtle and ever evolving change in societal attitudes — the acceptance of modernity, and of democratic values.  Waste of Time gives only the slightest nod to this grand topic and immerses itself in gossip.

Review | Albertine Regained | after Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past | Adapted by Pamela Hansford Johnson | Directed by Michael Sexton | Classic Stage Company

… Proust II …

Albertine Regained, the second in Classic Stage’s Proust Project, isn’t as compelling as Swann in Love (reviewed directly above) because, though well acted, it’s not as good a story.  Motivations are unclear:  why on earth is Albertine, a young girl on a holiday with her friends at the beach, so drawn to the lethargic, “thin armed” Marcel?  especially since she has an eager, suitable and equally wealthy suitor right at hand, Bloch.  He may not be sufficiently sensitive for her taste but Marcel isn’t characterized as having any competitive advantage on his side.  And Marcel’s way of “loving” Albertine, confining her in a stuffy house, and not making love to her, is so equivocal that it’s hard to see it as “love” in the romantic and passionate sense the characters use the word.

Review | Swann in Love by Pamela Hansford Johnson | after Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past | Directed by Tony Speciale | Classic Stage Company

… The Proust Project …

Why have an off night? It’s not enough for Classic Stage to be putting on currently three major plays by three different Greek playwrights, they’re using their one night off to do their Proust Project, a series of four Monday nights of dramatized readings after Proust’s great early 20th century novel, Remembrance of Things Past.  I’m so glad they are!

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