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Review | Tiny Dynamite by Abi Morgan | Directed by Matt Torney | With Christian Conn, Blake DeLong and Olivia Horton | Origin Theatre Company at 59E59 Theaters

… if only I’d …

If only I could have a do-over!  What a frustrating experience it is to fail to come up with the right words at a critical moment – and pay for it, it seems, forever after. Tiny Dynamite gives a chance for a do-over.

Review | Exit/Entrance by Aidan Mathews | Directed by M. Burke Walker | Origin Theatre Company | 59E59 Theaters | First Irish 2010 Festival

… Linda Thorson in a great performance …

EXIT/ENTRANCE is about two couples, one old, one young, who are much alike except for age, but that of course makes all the difference.  Both men are classical scholars, both women are without specific vocations, they all like the same music, everybody loves Greece, and (perhaps for some casting reason?) the men speak with American accents while the women speak with Irish accents;  the couples live side-by-side in identical apartments.  Charles of ACT 1 EXIT (old and young couple are given the same names) looks back on the excellent papers he’s written about classical literature.  Charles of ACT 2 ENTRANCE looks forward to ones he has in mind.

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