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Art Review | The Young Archer sculpture “attributed to Michelangelo” | Metropolitan Museum of Art

… sexual coming into being …

The Young Archer now on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a sculpture of sexual discovery.  The nude, sensuous, sinuous, lightly built, somewhat effeminate youth, an object of desire, draws an arrow from his quiver with a dreamy look.  And what a quiver — made from the paw of a leonine animal:  long, thick, strong, feral, in every way a contrast to the slim, delicate boy.  In this play of contrasts, the boy’s act of drawing out his arrow from the quiver becomes a nascent sexual act.  (see the three photos of the Young Archer below)

Did Michelangelo carve the Young Archer?  There’s little or no evidence he did.

Art Review | Is The Torment of St. Anthony by Michelangelo? Here’s another reason to think so.

… look to the landscape …

Did Michelangelo make the painting The Torment of St. Anthony which has recently been in the news?  Writers contemporary with Michelangelo indicate he made a painting of the subject when he was around 12 or 13, and an apprentice in Ghirlandaio’s workshop, but it’s never been agreed that this painting is the one Michelangelo made.

A good place to see color photos, including excellent details, is the website of The New York Times.

Art Note | About Michelangelo’s “Torment of St. Anthony”

You can read about why I think The Torment of St. Anthony, recently purchased by the Kimbell Art Museum in Texas for $6 million, may well be by Michelangelo at Huliq.

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