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Film Note | Inside Job | Documentary Film by Charles Ferguson | Contributions and Narration by Matt Damon

Many people had their say on the Wall Street fraud (it would be indulgent to merely call it a crisis or crash, when a bank is mis-selling mortgages which it knows are trash and will fail, but is also insuring itself against such failure).  This documentary says a lot, very clearly and comprehensively (see for example the New York Times review).  So what is there to add 5 months after the film’s debut and 29 months after the collapse?  And what is there to say from a country not included in the critique to the extent it might justifiably have been by virtue of its considerable financial muscle and its own spectacular bank failures?

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Film Note | Invictus | Clint Eastwood’s Film Starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon

Excellent … pulls you through the whole gamut of emotions AND gives great sense of history.  One of the greatest movies of all time?  No, because the characters are a little too simple and also there’s a self-conscious quality to the great “bits” involving two races getting together, but still … tremendous!

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