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Review | To The Bone by Lisa Ramirez | Directed by Lisa Peterson | Cherry Lane Theatre

I haven’t seen everything but it’s likely that To The Bone is one of the best dramas currently playing in New York.  It’s a gritty, realist play focused on several Hispanic women forming a shared household and employed in a chicken processing factory.  The characters are vivid and individualized, the dialog terrific, and the issues matter.

Review | An Iliad by Denis O’Hare & Lisa Peterson | Based on Homer’s The Iliad | Translated by Robert Fagles | Directed by Lisa Peterson | With Denis O’Hare and Stephen Spinella | New York Theatre Workshop

Denis O’Hare gives  a magnificent performance as “The Poet”, a bard transported through time from ancient Greece to today, picking up our style and our way of speaking to tell us the story of The Iliad.   A smallish man on a near-bare stage with pipes and a sink near the back wall, he’s travel worn, time worn, his only baggage a knocked-about canvas suitcase — that and his memory. 

The whole great cast of Romance (collage):  l-r Joe Pallister - The Doctor, Reg Rogers -The Defense Attorney, Joey Slotnick - The Defendant,  Matt McGrath - Bernard, Chris Bauer - The Prosecutor, Richard Kind - The Judge, Darrell Hammond - The Bailiff.  Photo:  Gary Marnay

Review | Romance by David Mamet | Directed by Lisa Peterson | Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, Long Island

… If you like to laugh, don’t miss this play …

Romance is one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen.  It’s wicked, nasty, but totally non-stop hilarious … what dialogue, what observation … I’m still grinning in the aftermath of it.

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