… true grits …

True Grit, filmed by the Coen brothers in 2010, is a western with a true twist, a young girl’s quest for revenge and her determination to stick by the sides of the two pistol slingers in a manhunt through rough western country.

Mattie Ross, a composed and purposeful fourteen-year old girl, hires the grittiest Deputy Marshall she can find, scraggy, old, one-eyed Rooster Cogburn, to track down and bring back alive her father’s killer, Tom Chaney.  Rooster teams up with a Texas ranger who’s after Chaney for his own reason and, since she’s paying — this girl knows money, she was her father’s bookkeeper — she insists on going along.  The two pros try to shake her but she’s courageous, resourceful and unshakable.  She’s also refined and educated and part of the film’s charm is the playoff between Mattie’s serious, formal way of speaking and the rough and ready crudity of the Western tough guys.  The little girl knows what she wants and pushes these two big men around to get it — although they aren’t always pushable.

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