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Film Note | The King’s Speech Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter | Directed by Tom Hooper

Let’s Talk Off-Broadway is very grateful to have received, 2/16/11, from Mark P. Haggard, Guest Blogger, comments on The King’s Speech, written from his humanistic as well as specifically British point of view:  his comments have been added following Yvonne Korshak’s of 12/13/10 …

… We’re all in it together — sometimes …

Don’t miss The King’s Speech.  It’s a wonderful, and through-and-through enjoyable movie.

Albert, the second son of George V of England, has a severe stutter, which clips his wings as a royal prince and causes him immense embarrassment in carrying out his public duties.  In an acutely painful early scene, Albert, in front of a large crowd, struggles to utter his encouraging words at the opening of a new factory — he simply can’t get the words out.  With his earnest desire to do good, his pain at failure, and his good looks we’re totally on his side.

Broadway Review | Exit The King by Eugene Ionesco | Starring Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon | Ethel Barrymore Theater

… everything theater …

Exit the King is a hilarious parable, transported to the other worldly by marvelous music, dazzlingly written, with profundity hidden behind the comic mask.  It’s everything theater should be — including outstanding performers and a brilliantly intelligent production.  You could not have a better time than at Exit the King.

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