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Art Review | Heightening Contrasts — Gustave Caillebotte | Impressionist Paintings from Paris to the Sea | Brooklyn Museum

… the front of a boy, the back of a man …

Not always following the Impressionist “rules,” Caillebotte fulfills the French Impressionist purpose — to capture the moment, deliciously.  This exhibition covers his main subjects, scenes of the city and urban labor, and with a special focus on his paintings in which water plays a major role.  Here are two of my favorites.

Poetry Review | Walt Whitman and the Arts in Brooklyn | Brooklyn Museum / The Walt Whitman Project

… still a young nation …

It was nothing less than a privilege to meet up with America’s greatest poet in his hometown, Brooklyn!

What a city!  So much happening, how to keep track? If I hadn’t happened to know an organizer, I might not have known about the Walt Whitman and the Arts in Brooklyn, held in the Library of The Brooklyn Museum on May 2.

Most startling was mezzo-soprano Nicole Mitchell who, simply arising from her place, filled the room with her deep, gospel singer’s voice, without accompaniment and with startling power, singing Stephen Foster’s “Oh! Susannah” (most popular song of the 19th Century, Whitman had written about it).

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