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Broadway Review | Golden Boy by Clifford Odets | Directed by Bartlett Sher | Lincoln Center Theater at the Belasco Theatre

After great success with his plays Waiting for Left and Awake and Sing! in 1935 — and a stint of movie writing in Hollywood — Odets returned to Broadway with Golden Boy in 1937.  Being familiar with the first two plays, I looked forward to a chance to get to know Golden Boy. I wanted to like it. I even expected to be excited by it.

Review | End of the Rainbow by Peter Quilter | With Tracie Bennet, Michael Cumpsty, Tom Pelphrey, Jay Russell | Directed by Terry Johnson | Belasco Theatre

End of the Rainbow tells the story of the last weeks of Judy Garland’s life.  Addicted to drugs and alcohol, and debt ridden, she’s spiraling downward — but her personality, on and off-stage, is as charismatic as ever.  In London for a concert series, she’s staying in a lavish suite in a high end hotel (great set) with two men in tow: the young lover, Mickey, she’s taken on as her manager because he’s good looking — not the best reason to hire a business manager — and who’s in it for what he can get out the fading star, and Anthony, her long-time piano accompanist, who’s gay, loyal, and truly loves her. 

Review | American Buffalo by David Mamet | Cedric the Entertainer, John Leguizamo and Haley Josel Osment | Belasco Theatre

… Creative Transformation …

Van Gogh, in his painting The Night Cafe turns a down and outers’ bar into a church, recreating its denizens in the process.  In David Mamet’s American Buffalo, we come to see a low-life junk shop as a home and its loser occupants gain a big win — a family.

This play is in many ways the opposite of A Man for All Seasons, recently reviewed here on Let’s Talk Off Broadway.  Instead of men in high positions loftily debating issues of Universal Importance, it’s about three at the bottom of the ladder planning a heist with profanity peppered language.  These men have vast failings but genuine feelings they don’t themselves know until the hot circumstances and cause and effect of the failed heist bring them deeper understanding.

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