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Broadway Review | New Thoughts on A Man For All Seasons | on Broadway and in film

We are happy and grateful — and fascinated — to have received a guest post with new information on A Man For All Seasons.  For the review of the production this blog is responding to, see my review here.  It helps me understand why the production seemed somewhat flat to me … how about you? YK

Review | A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt | Starring Frank Langella as Sir Thomas More | Roundabout Theatre Company

… A mixed bag …

A Man for All Seasons is founded on a topic of great inherent power:  the collision of individual conviction and state power.  The play is well written, well constructed, and given every advantage in the fine acting of Frank Langella and the excellent production by Roundabout Theatre.

Why then does it fall flat?

Because Sir Thomas More has all the virtues while his enemies have all the vices.  That’s not human nature nor history and so, as drama, it doesn’t ring true.

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