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Review | Notes From Underground | Adapted from Dostoyevsky’s Novel | By Bill Camp and Robert Woodruff | Directed by Robert Woodruff | Yale Repertory Theatre Production Presented by Theatre For A New Audience and Baryshnikov Arts Center

Dostoyevsky’s short novel, Notes from Underground of 1864, is a gripping vision of the terrors of psychological isolation and the evils that can flow from it.  Often called the first existentialist novel, it’s a remarkable early unrolling of ideas that will become key in modern thought.  It’s a powerful and prescient book.

Review | Orpheus X | Written and Composed by Rinde Eckert | Directed by Robert Woodruff | With Rinde Eckert, Suzan Hanson and John Kelly | Video by Denise Marika | Duke on 42nd Street | Theater for a New Audience

… so that’s what it’s like down in Hades …

I thought Rinde Eckert’s two-person play, And God Created the Great Whales, was one of the greatest pieces of theater I’d ever seen so I was keen to see Orpheus X, a multi-media performance piece with drama, singing, instrumental music, and video, that recounts the ancient myth in contemporary terms.  It has touches of genius, and is also somewhat tiresome, darn it!

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