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Yvonne Korshak writes Let’s Talk Off-Broadway fired by the sense that the best theater in New York City is off-Broadway and she wants to spread the word. She conveys the essence of the show – what’s this play about? What would it be like to see it? How is it wonderful? And where might it be stronger?

My Fair Lady playing at Bay Street in Sag Harbor, L. I.

Review | My Fair Lady | Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner | Music by Frederick Loewe | Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, Long Island

… great ….

This My Fair Lady is so good it made me feel that this wonderful show was even more marvelous than I thought.  I saw new things in it!  It’s thrilling!

Dance of Life with Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch in FringeNYC 2016. Photo: James Jim

Press Release | Fringe NYC | New York’s Festival Of New And Independent Theater | August 2016

Contact: Ron Lasko @ 212-505-1700 / ron@spincyclenyc.com


Returns for 20th Anniversary Season
August 12-28, 2016

Bay Street Theater, Sag Harbor, Long Island, and The Last Night of Ballyhoo

Review | The Last Night Of Ballyhoo | By Alfred Uhry | Directed by Will Pomerantz | Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, Long Island

… how do you fit in? …

December 1939, Atlanta Georgia, Hitler has just invaded Poland and Gone With The Wind is premiering in Atlanta, but in the Freitag family,  the big stir is that the end-of-year Ballyhoo party at Atlanta’s German Jewish social club is about to take place.  In keeping with the way human concerns flow from near to far, the global significance of Hitler’s invasion is barely comprehended while the question of who will escort daughter Lala to the Ballyhoo Ball is the concern prime center.

Review | Radiant Vermin | By Philip Ridley | Directed by David Mercatali | 59E59 Theaters

… enough is never enough …

This play is quite an accomplishment and delightfully imaginative:  using black comedy, the macabre and fairy tale, Philip Ridley creates a hilarious — but tense and compelling – social critique, and a parable of the downside of contemporary consumerism.  And the acting is phenomenal – witty, energetic, and totally on target.

Review | The Forgotten Woman | By Jonathan Tolins | Directed by Noah Himmelstein | Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, Long Island

… opera with no music …

If you think you’re too fat or hate opera, maybe you’ll like this play about a fat but successful opera singer who isn’t so sure she likes opera either.  Otherwise …

Review | The Purple Lights of Joppa Illinois | Written & Directed by Adam Rapp | Atlantic Theater Company

… holding on …

Purple Lights of Joppa Illinois is a tense, brilliant drama that takes you from the worst to the best.

From the first moment we see Ellis, a man in his 40’s in khakis and a plaid shirt, agonizing over deodorant and picking invisible dirt out of the rug, we know that he’s crazily over-anxious about expected visitors, erratically nutty, and trying to seem “OK” like other men.  When two teenage girls arrive, Monique, a Black, fast-talking self-defined “gangsta,” and Catherine, White, thin, on edge, who seems unable to look anybody in the eye, you think you’ve snagged it.  

Van Gogh's Street in Auers-sur-Oise from "Unfinished" exhibition at the Met Breuer, Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Review | Leonard Nimoy’s Vincent | With James Briggs as Theo Van Gogh | Directed by Dr. Brant Pope | Theatre at St. Clements

… the price of fame …

The idea is that Vincent van Gogh has recently died and his brother Theo, the art dealer who loved and supported that brilliant artist, was so overcome at the time that he’d been unable to speak at Vincent’s funeral.  It’s two weeks later, and Theo is impelled, now, to tell us what he thinks he knows about Vincent that others don’t. 

Review | Peer Gynt | By Henrik Ibsen | Directed and Adapted by John Doyle | Classic Stage Company

… what’s the hurry ? …

This Classic Stage production of Peer Gynt, adapted by John Doyle, should be called Peer Gynt Shortened and Simplified. 

Andrew Dawson with Gorey's Doubt, and the play's backdrop of Gorey's notes and ideas in Travis Russ's GOREY The Secret Lives of EdwardGorey

Review | Gorey | The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey | Written and Directed by Travis Russ | HERE Theatre

… a fantasy memoir …

noted on 11/17/16:  The Secret Lives of Edward Gory is returning for a run at the Sheen Arts Center.  For more information and tickets for this current run, click here.

The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey – and Gorey was highly reclusive – moves us as if in free-form through Gorey’s life.  That’s just right – a perfect analogy for the sense of free association of Gorey’s drawings and writings.  What a wild thought!  one thinks encountering Gorey.  What crazy, touching juxtapositions! 

Jack Ultrata, Sarah Sirota and Andrew Sellon in LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK by Jerry Polner, directed by Shana Solomon

Review | Like Money In The Bank | By Jerry Polner | Theatre Row Studio Theatre

… an economics lesson ? …

This is a play about the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank.  How’s that for an unlikely subject for a comedy!

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