Pericles and Aspasia CoverAspasia, a courtesan from ancient Greece, and one of the most influential women of the ancient world, was the mistress of Pericles, leader of the Athenian democracy. In connection with the novel I wrote, PERICLES AND ASPASIA: A Story of Ancient Greece, I was asked to write an article about Aspasia for GIRLTALKHQ . The article is entitled, Novel Set In Ancient Greece Features Real Life Historical Feminist Figure Defying Social Customs

Here is how I summed up Aspasia’s impact:

“When women were expected to lead narrow, confined lives, Aspasia was strong in the face of obstacles, courageous in the face of slander, unabashed by fame, persistent in moving toward her goals, unafraid to reveal her intelligence, and worthy of being influential. And moving beyond her own challenges and the advantages she was able to create for herself, she was a teacher, enabling the lives of others including, it seems, of women and girls. As a woman of her time and within the limits it presented, she is a role model for women today faced with obstacles on the path to achieving what they see as good and worthy in life. And she is an inspiration.”

To read more about Aspasia, GIRLTALKHQ

PERICLES AND ASPASIA is in the Indie Spotlight featured in Publishers Weekly.


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