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Press Release | New York Innovation Theatre Foundation Awards for Off-Off Broadway

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The New York Innovation Theatre Foundation

Honors The Best And Brightest Of Off-Off Broadway

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Dance of Life with Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch in FringeNYC 2016. Photo: James Jim

Press Release | Fringe NYC | New York’s Festival Of New And Independent Theater | August 2016

Contact: Ron Lasko @ 212-505-1700 / ron@spincyclenyc.com


Returns for 20th Anniversary Season
August 12-28, 2016

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Press Release | Fringe NYC — Complete Listings for Encore Series and Solos | Sept 4 – Oct 5, 2014

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Ron Lasko at ron@spincyclenyc.com or 212-505-1700 x. 11

Nearly 2 Dozen Festival Favorites Get Extensions at
September 4 – October 5 at Baruch Performing Arts Center & SoHo Playhouse

In 17 days, even the most intrepid theatergoer can only sample a fraction of the
over 200 offerings at the New York International Fringe Festival. Now in its
10th year, the official 2014 FringeNYC Encore Series gives theatre lovers
another chance at seeing some of the most critically acclaimed and most
crowd-pleasing shows from the Festival.

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Press Release | App Scriptopia Attempts to Revolutionize the Theater Rehearsal Process

Let's Talk Off-Broadway rarely publishes press releases but the new app, "Scriptopia," seems unusually intriguing and of potential interest to our readers.  As always, comments are very welcome.  Scroll down below the text, click on "comments," write in comment box and click on "post."  Emails are private and never appear with comments,  Yvonne 
press contact: Sam Rudy 212 575 0263

Creators set to launch software May 1 at Lark Theater
SCRIPTOPIA – a new software application that will usher play development and theater collaboration into the 21st century – is being launched May 1st, according to its founder, stage director Kay Matschullat. Ms. Matschullat was joined in the creation of SCRIPTOPIA by Andrew Mirsky and Marc Huey.
SCRIPTOPIA will be unveiled on May 1 (3 to 5 pm) – at an event featuring the creators and theater artists who will demonstrate the app – at the Lark Play Development Center (311 W. 43 St.) in New York City. Register at www.scriptopia.eventbrite.com or call 323-682-0097.
Available on computers, tablets and smart phones, SCRIPTOPIA promises to revolutionize the development and rehearsal process for playwrights, directors and theater artists everywhere by streamlining some of the theater's most crucial, time-honored, time-consuming and archaic practices – script changes.
Among the leading features of SCRIPTOPIA:
–writer’s script changes go instantaneously to artistic team
–instant comparison between old and new versions of the script
–revisions can be shared and heard immediately
–actors can highlight scripts – and save personal notes through various re-writes — with one click
–directors and stage managers can instantly share notes selectively or with all members of the company
–stage managers can share blocking notes without interruption
–sides at auditions a thing of the past
–time and money-saver making efficient use of working hours
–paper-saving practice that is good for the planet!
–a myriad of advantages particular to the artist's discipline and needs
According to Ms. Matschullat, a director who has taught actors and directors at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for 20 years, “I created SCRIPTOPIA so theater artists can spend more time on their art and less time on frustrating delays at the copy machine and otherwise. I wanted to create a tool that enabled changes to be shared instantaneously, allowing everyone to be on the same page, literally and metaphorically. During the many months that we have been developing SCRIPTOPIA, more and more ways for the application to serve the playwright, director, actors and stage managers have emerged. We intend for artists' collaboration to be smoother, more artistically fulfilling and closer to a 'utopian' work environment as rehearsal and development time becomes more crucial – whether its regional theater, Broadway, workshop or summer stock.”
She adds that developing the application in real-time with theater artists at the Lark, New Georges Theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival and The Center Theater provided insight into how to refine the software to best suit its users.
Presently undergoing testing at Queens College and Lark Play Development Center in NYC, SCRIPTOPIA has generated considerable enthusiasm from its first-time users:
John Clinton Eisner, artistic director of the Lark, says “SCRIPTOPIA is visionary in how it uses technology to cut through the 'paperwork' and get right down to a creative process based on close collaboration and easy communication.”
Playwright Dominique Morisseau claims “the instantaneous distribution of re-writes is my favorite part. The actors can speak the words immediately.”
In addition to saving precious time in and out of the rehearsal room, director Kwame Kwei-Armah, who recently directed Dominique Morisseau's SKELETON CREW with the help of SCRIPTOPIA, remarks, “The ability to send notes privately or to the group without interrupting rehearsal is incredibly valuable. They arrive instantaneously and effortlessly. Notes between the playwright and director happen seamlessly, discreetly and productively without distracting the actors. It's life-transforming – I love it.”
Even paper-oriented stage managers such as Matt Van Slyke have noted, “I loved the freedom that no paper gave me and the artistic team. Re-writes moved instantly and we never moved to the copy machine. It was especially helpful during a stand-in rehearsal as all of the actor's blocking was neatly accessible in the margins.”
For further information about SCRIPTOPIA, visit www.scriptopia.co.
To register for the May 1st event, call 323-682-0997 or go to www.scriptopia.eventbrite.com.

Press Release | FringeNYC — New York International Fringe Festival | August 10-August 26, 2012

Tickets Now On Sale For
16th Annual Festival Runs August 10 – 26, 2012

Tickets are now on sale for The 16th annual New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC), the largest multi-arts festival in North America, which runs August 10th – 26th, 2012.  FringeNYC will offer programming by 190 of the world’s best emerging theatre troupes and dance companies in 20 venues in Lower Manhattan. With attendance topping 75,000 people, FringeNYC is New York City’s fifth largest cultural event (just behind New York International Auto Show, Tribeca Film Festival, New York City Marathon, and New York Comic Con). A complete list of shows with schedules is now available at www.FringeNYC.org  — a downloadable guide is also available.

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Press Release | 2011-2012 Patrick Lee Theater Bloggers Awards | Independent Theater Bloggers Association (ITBA)

The Independent Theater Bloggers Association (the “ITBA”) is proud to announce the 2012 recipients of the Fourth Annual Patrick Lee Theater Blogger Awards, (the “the Patricks”).  Patrick Lee was one of the ITBA’s founding members. Patrick, who passed away suddenly in June 2010, was an erudite, passionate, and tireless advocate for theater in all its forms. Patrick was also the ITBA’s first awards director, and was a regular contributor to Theatermania and TDF Stages.

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Press Release | Fringe Festival NYC 2011 | Overall Excellence Awards | Here Are the Winners!

FringeNYC 2011 Overall Excellence Award Winners

Overall Production/Play
PigPen Presents The Mountain Song
The More Loving One

Overall Production/Musical:
Yeast Nation
Pearl’s Gone Blue

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Press Release | Fringe NYC — 15th Annual New York International Fringe Festival: August 12 – 28

First Sold Out Performances Announce
New York International Fringe Festival
** 15th Annual Festival runs August 12 – 28 **

note:  to help you decide,  Ken Davenport, a producer of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, sorts out his 10 to see in in his blog, date August 11. The official site of FringeNY with information and tickets is useful as is  Theatermania’s outline guide.

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Press Release | 2010 – 2011 Patrick Lee Theater Blogger Awards | Independent Theater Bloggers Association (ITBA)

The Independent Theater Bloggers Association (the “ITBA”) is proud to announce the 2011 recipients of the Third Annual Patrick Lee Theater Blogger Awards. Patrick Lee was one of the ITBA’s founding members. Patrick, who passed away suddenly last June, was an erudite, passionate, and tireless advocate for theater in all its forms. Patrick was also the ITBA’s first awards director, and was a regular contributor to Theatermania and TDF Stages.

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Back to a Remembered Time by Paul Johnson, photo by Robert Lorenzson

Press Release | Beyond the Text: Artists’ Books from the Collection of Robert J. Ruben | Catalog by Yvonne Korshak and Robert J. Ruben | Grolier Club

Beyond the Text: Artists’ Books from the Collection of Robert J. Ruben, originally shown at The Grolier Club in New York City March 25 through May 28, 2010, is now opening March 3, 2011 at the Bailey/Howe Library of the University of Vermont, http://library.uvm.edu/news/?cat=3

Beyond the Text:  Artists’ Books from the Collection of Robert J. Ruben by Yvonne Korshak and Robert J. Ruben, 2010, 156 pages, 74 color illustrations, ISBN 978-1-60583-026-1

… Beyond the Text …

Artists’ books take a leap beyond the kind of text and illustrations normally associated with the book to carry the viewer to new vistas of emotion and intellect.  Some artists’ books arrive on our visual doorstep bearing humor while others — all in mixed degrees — convey intellectual challenge, or emotions such as awe or joy.  Some are embassies from the dark side of human experience.

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